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The village church

The church of the Virgin in Kivisili was built around the 12th century A.C.  Later on, there as an addition to the church (left aisle) around the 14th century. A lot later on, are the three consecutive rooms that are attached to the right side of the church.  These were used as guest rooms for the bishop, the respective priests or other people.  According to the codes of the Holy Metropolis of Kition, the following iems are included in the church˘s assets: lodging slats, large wardrobe, cooking pot etc.

It is worth mentioning that in May 2 1728, Kition Bishop Ioannikios sent the monk Papaveniamin who served as rector and commissioner of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Our church as a renowned shrine (Kition Metropolis code) has the grace of helping women who have serious implications during pregnancy or remain childless for some reason, as well as people with very serious health problems.  Our church˘s main celebration is on the 15th of August (Assumption of Mary - Metastasis).

The neighboring villages also offer their help for the conservation of our church.

According to traditions of the villagers there used to be the church of Saint George and of Saint Marina (there are remains to prove it).

Our church is considered to be an attraction for visitors.